we love to draw, design and chat about dreams…..

I am living a small dream of working as an architect for myself.

When I was in a year eight art class I devised the name ajar as a shortened version of architect joanna rees. It has taken some years to realise this dream; some six and a bit years full time study to complete two bachelor degrees in architecture, with a gold medal for academic merit, followed by nineteen years of professional practice, ten of those with three other local firms in Darwin, to finally arrive at the destination of a sole practitioner – with a web site. Here are some new projects and my thoughts on keeping small dreams alive for thirty or so years.

In my work and lifestyle I strive to maintain a supple mind to move between order and chaos, to retrieve sparks of inspiration from the ruins of an idea, to revel in opportunities as they arise and enjoy the grounding nature of practice and routine.

In designing I prefer simplicity and balance, natural materials, light and texture; lots of shade, big functional roofs, gutters and awnings. These are the quintessential elements of tropical architecture appropriate for the climate in which I practice.

I work with people, the environment, small buildings, big ideas and existing elements of buildings and landscape.

My passions are to draw, sketch, make satisfying compositions with space and colour, hangout in the sunshine and rain, meet new people, share ideas and build dreams.

Flowers, fabrics and curtains are pleasing feminine things to me; I like to bring them in. I like being the atypical architect in this respect. It makes me smile to see flowers and to touch fabrics and see curtains waving in the breeze.

Perhaps we can meet and pore over your daydreams that might just be buildable.

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